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Cin Sado Noir


This time capsule tribute to sadomasochistic, femme fatale and neo noir romances was originally organized by Melanie Dante [M. Dante] for Andy Black [A. Black] of Necronomicon: The Journal of Horror Erotic Cinema. During undergraduate studies at Goddard College, she completed a series of critical essays comparing and contrasting sadomasochistic cinema and literature as a creative complement to a senior study of commercial sexuality and feminism. Portions of the commentary, along with peripheral interviews and creative writing appeared in The Annihilation Fountain of Canada, HeadPress UK, and Necronomicon.

Black felt there was so much more to explore in other European output which was being neglected. The works of Bava, Franco, Rollin for instance, and the wealth of—say—German and then of course Asian content.”

After some discussion with two of the original contributors—Mike White and Andrew Hampsas were brought on board, adding breadth and depth to the voice of the project—this combined literary and cinematic time capsule was woven together out of shared conversations on our passion for stories of midnight romances within the postmodern fin de siècle (end of century) of the times. Now in 2020 these articles and commentary have been brought current to publish specifically for panel discussion at the Philadelphia NoirCon. We thank Lou Boxer for inspiring us to consider D/s romance in cinema as a facet of noir, and that said, we share with you:

Cin Sado Noir

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