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Surveillance & Intelligence Community

Mockingbird Publishing provides analysis and insight into various machinations of the surveillance state and national intelligence.

  • My Netwar Diaries Volume 2: Surveillance Dreams and Jackboot Pillows

    My Netwar Diaries Volume 2: Surveillance Dreams and Jackboot Pillows


    This, the second book in the Netwar Diaries series leaves the constitutional law ballast on the dock and takes a deeper dive into the depths of how we are surveilled, numbered, tracked, bordered, repressed and imprisoned. This work covers developments in the domestic surveillance and repression regime from 2015 to the withdrawal of overt American combat forces from Afghanistan.

    Beginning during the Obama Administration and straddling the years of Orange Mussolini, Netwar Diaries two extends the narrative into the eternal sundowning of Democracy that is the regime of Joe Biden. Touching on a wide range or sources from Radley Balko to Shoshana Zuboff to Simone Browne, this book examines how social control has always been at the heart of digital policy and how race has always been central to the gradient of repression.

    It looks at primary sources of the ideology of information age conflict and places current and historical events in that context:

    "This is what our leaders were reading while they were planning the Iraq war and Al Gore was pretending he invented the internet. Meanwhile, I was reading it too."

    "This volume will also examine the consequences of the ever expanding surveillance regime. Eyes are one part of a body, the fist is another. The latter sections are on police and prisons, because technology has implementation, strategy devolves to tactics, and repressions has victims."

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  • My Netwar Diaries Volume 1: Post-Constitutional America

    My Netwar Diaries Volume 1: Post-Constitutional America


    Gerry Bello's look at the events surrounding three ongoing stories as they happened in 2013-2014. At the time he was the online managing editor for the Columbus Free Press (freepress.org and Columbusfreepress.com) a small but old alternative publication in Columbus Ohio. At the same time that Edward Snowden began his revelations, Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown were sentenced to prison terms for their hacktivist and journalism respectively. The interrogation of these events lead to conclusions not only about the surveillance state and human rights, but the functionality of constitutional law and a break down of the separation of powers between the three branches of government
    Bello viewed and wrote about these events through the lens of Cyberwar and Netwar theory as developed in the early 1990s by David Ronfeldt and John Arquilla at the RAND corporation's National Defense Research Institute, the inventors of Mutually Assured Destruction and other concepts that made the late 20th century such a fun time to be alive.

    "Years of study, thought, and quiet theorical development with a few friends placed me exactly where I needed to be. For me Edward Snowden did not reveal, Edward Snowden confirmed."

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