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Swing: Are American Elections Legitimate?


Swing: Are American Elections Legitimate, provides an indispensable and detailed history of modern American election manipulation.

Political science and social science professor, election protection activist, attorney, and author Bob Fitrakis and investigative writer Rebecca Little divulge the history of modern election theft in the United States.

Since the introduction of electronic voting machines in nationwide elections beginning in the 1980s, the strategy for swinging an election has been perfected step by step. It starts with stripping voter rolls to produce a tight race between candidates, and then electronically flipping the vote when computers go down. 21st century Presidential elections have become characterized by widespread voter suppression, electronic voting machine glitches that affect election outcomes, and wrongly conceded victories.

At the same time, this century has seen a successful grassroots movement to fight voter suppression and challenge electronic voting machine corruption.

Swing follows swing-state election manipulation in recent presidential elections, outlining the vulnerabilities of misregulated voting systems, and providing important remedies to safeguard our elections.Swing is an essential read for understanding the 2020 presidential election and beyond. Pre-Order today. Ships February 26th.

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